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How oil filter affects your car performance and when to change it

Engine is the motivating force of your vehicle. A good engine keeps your automobile running and if by chance the engine gives out, your vehicle will reach nowhere. That is why engine deserves lots of respect and care. It is very important to keep your engine healthy so that it may run smoothly for a long life.

What if we tell you that the smallest part of the engine can do wonders with your vehicle. We are talking about oil filter for car. Oil filters are so small- perhaps equivalent to the size of a coffee mug but this small package performs a crucial function. Just as kidney purify our blood to keep us healthy, oil filters purify the blood of automotive engines- the oil. It safeguards the engine from any kind of dirt and contaminants and assures a great performance of the engine. Specks of dirt and metal shavings keep floating in the oil and oil filter absorbs or repels them but never allow them to enter into the engine. The impure oil can damage the bearing surfaces in the engine.

Choosing one the best oil filter brands protects the engine from all the impurities and assures long life of your engine and supports its overall performance.

There comes a point when after absorbing so many impurities, the oil filter of your engine become clogged. It stops purifying oil efficiently and dirty oil keeps circulating in the engine. There comes the point when you need to procrastinate or replace this tiny part. Looking at its importance and worth, it is necessary to replace the oil filter within time.

Each car manufacturer has his own theory when it comes to replacing the oil filter for car. Here is a guideline designed by all expert mechanics for proper replacement and maintenance of oil filter.

  1. Replace oil filters each time you get the oil changed: Let it go what companies says but in general your vehicle requires oil change once every 7500 miles. Get the oil filter for car replaced whenever you get the oil replaced. Check the oil filter brand with your vehicle’s user’s manual.
  2. You may need oil filter replacement ahead of time if the service engine light is on. The illumination of this light indicates that the engine system is not working well and you should try to resolve the matter.
  3. If you drive too much in severe conditions, it is important to get the oil filter replaced in time.